And the suspensions have nothing to do with the handling of the car. NASCAR levied very heavy fines this week to three teams whose cars did not pass post-race (and in Harvick's case, post-qualifying) inspections. Harvick, who said he had no idea that the gas tank was rigged to look full even though it only held 4 gallons, was docked 25 driver points anyway. Jimmie Johnson's roof was found to be too low and Kyle Busch's rear fender was too high. Both drivers were docked 25 points and crew chiefs were suspended two weeks. Harvick's crew chief, Todd Berrier, was suspended four weeks to punish him for not being "sorry" for being "creative". "If I had to do it again, I'd still play it to try to get away with it, because I know how I got caught," Berrier said. That's old-school NASCAR. Smokey would be proud.

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