I didn't know XM was going to change the one advantage it had over Sirius, the price. XM has been $9.99 a month and $6.99 for each additional radio since they started. In the mail today I received a letter from XM that states as of April 2, 2005, XM will cost $12.95 for all new customers. For current subscribers the new rate will enact at the end of your billing cycle. XM has also announced that they will carry the IRL races starting with this weekend's race in Homestead. The IRL races can be heard on Channel 152. XM loses NASCAR coverage to Sirius in 2007. Our sister site all about satellite radio, Droxy, also reports that Sirius may raise their price now that XM has met them because they have "superior" programming. This reeks of cable TV all over again. Why did I have to become addicted to satellite radio?

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