Anyone too young may not remember Ruth Gordon. My first exposure to the actress was in the Oscar winner Clyde the Orangutan's, oh I mean Clint Eastwood's Every Which Way But Loose. Others may know her from the disturbing Harold and Maude or the equally disturbing Rosemary's Baby. Anyone that can remember 1982 might know that she was used to hawk a vehicle. The only clue that we can muster here: The name of the vehicle matches her personality in many of the parts that she played. Click the link for the full ad.

Ruth Gordon for the Brat

The Subaru Brat. Who could forget the Brat (unlike the forgetful Baja wanna-be) with the bed-mounted seats complete with ?oh-crap? handlebars. 1982 brought to market the first of the generation 2 Brats.

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