GT 4

Put $10,000 in my pocket and what do I buy, a year one MX-5 Miata. I almost bought a Toyota Levin, harkens back to the Intial D Hachi Roku AE86, but felt the Miata would be a better choice. Threw in an exhaust and a chip and off to the races I went, but not before getting my B-license first.

The controls with the Logitec steering wheel takes a little getting used to. The new Force Feedback Pro and GT 4 support a 2 ? time lock-to-lock turn, a full 900 degrees which makes steering much more realistic. But when you are used to the 200 degree wheels, the first couple of turns are spent in the sand because you?re just not used to turning the wheel that much. Once the learning curve is over, so is the off-roading. Sort of.

GT 4 has upped the ante, as we all know it should. The playback after the races have multiple modes, allowing you to watch the race as any of the competitors and zoom in and out. The tuners to purchase parts are real, and there is more to choose from. Cars look darn near perfect and it?s nice to see new stuff out there. Nothing like racing an xB through the apex. And the B license final test is in a BMW 1-Series.

Proof that I do use brakes in the turns:


I got a license. Yeah!License>

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