The Lexus LF-A is intended to be Toyota's "hey look what we're doing in F1" re-entry into the sportcar market they vacated nine years ago when they axed the Supra. The front engined, rear-wheel drive LF-A is believed to be currently running around tracks with a compact V10 engine, derived from the Toyota TF105 F1 car. However, Toyota is keen to keep the link between the LF-A and their Formula One program apparent, so with the uncertain F1 rules we could yet see a V8 powering the vehicle, as they want the LF-A to have the same number of cylinders as their F1 car. The engine won't be the only thing with F1 inspiration, a seven speed gearbox with paddle controls, aluminum and carbon fibre body and chassis, and in order to gain perfect 50:50 weight distribution, radiators mounted in the rear wheel arches. You can expect the LF-A in the Autoblog garage around 2007…right.

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