Tuesday's Macworld San Francisco introduced the world to Apple Computer's latest creations, namely the Mac mini and the iPod shuffle. So what the hell does this have to do with automobiles, you ask? Well, one automotive shop, Classic Restorations, feels that the Mac mini can bring "brain power" to any car. The idea of having a computer in your car is nothing new, but the form factor of the newest Mac would make it an ideal fit into the car, and the possibilities are almost endless. The Mac mini could be the ideal entertainment center for your vehicle, hooking into onboard television as a DVD player/CD player, or one could use the 40 or 80GB hard drive to store thousands of songs. Needless to say, road trips might never be the same. Add in one of Apple's wireless AirPort cards, and one could transfer files to your car mounted Mac from your personal computer wirelessly, or surf the internet from any open WiFi hotspot.
[Via Engadget]

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