It's usually the automotive industry that reaps the benefits of racing innovations. But, for the second time in recent history, a racing innovation has made it's way to the military sector.  First it was ChampCar pitcrews assiting the Army in refueling their aircraft quicker and more efficiently (if I do recall correctly). Now, what started out as film tear-aways on a racer's helmet visor, and was then adapted by NASCAR in the form of full windshield film tear-aways, apparently got the attention of the U.S. Army. The Army will now use a thicker, more durable version of the film, on the windscreen of Blackhawk helicopters, which should save them millions of dollars as they won't have to replace the helicopter windscreens. No word on when the Pfizer/Viagra liveried Blackhawks will be on the way to Iraq.

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