Unlike the misconstrued editorial we talked about earlier in the week there are a few "real" dangers when it comes to hybrids. They mainly involve first responders to auto accidents. Now that hybrid engines are being placed in conventional looking car models like the Ford Escape and Honda Accord, rescuers might not easily be able to identify the car as a hybrid. The cars have a high amount of electricity running through them compared to traditional gas powered cars and could easily harm someone trying to rescue injured drivers. Experts are asking for a labeling system on the driver's side visor. That doesn't sound like that big a deal since we already have airbag warnings on them. The article mentions that there hasn't been any injury involving a rescuer and hybrid vehicle. Well that's a good idea, play the waiting game as hybrids get more and more popular. Great thinking. Get with it and implement this all too easy aid for hard working first responders.

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