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Stunning retractable hard-top. Can't really find fault in it. But wait to you see the rear on the coupe. Click through for more info and pictures.
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-Walter Keegan adding more info

For all the basic rundown, check out the G6 coupe story above. As far as changes to the convertible, they all come with standard 18-inch wheels. You obviously can?t get side curtain air bags noir can you get the 6-speed stick (??). The hardtop is a two-piece and engineered with help from Karmann. GM is touting it as the ?World?s Largest Folding Hardtop?. Step right up? The hard tonneau cover automatically appears a part of the folding process. The trunk is double hinged to give you normal access. The folding process takes less than 30 seconds. Trunk space goes from 5.8 cubic feet empty and 1.8 folded.

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