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Update: So it all begins to make a little more sense now. Reports indicate that Schumacher's bodyguard, Burkhard Cramer, and two sons (the bodyguard's, not Schumi's), were killed in the tsunami. I'd guess that had at least a little bit to do with his donation.

So you donated a couple bucks to aide those trying to survive the Indian Ocean tsumanis, right? It wasn't much, but hey, every little bit helps. Yeah, a couple bucks…you cheap bastard! Okay, you're not a cheapskate, you're doing a good thing helping your fellow man. But Ferrari F1 driver, Michael Schumacher has put us all to shame, with an apparent contribution of some $10-million. Geez, the guy wins five consecutive F1 World Championships, seven total, and it's still not good enough for him. He's got to go out and show up everyone else, including some small countries, with his contribution. It is good to see the highest paid athlete in the world putting some of his earnings to good use, and it's actually refreshing. I suppose Schumacher's finally done something that the British F1 press can't condemn him for…or can they?

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