You all remember how colossally bad that Sylvester Stallone movie, Driven, based around the ChampCar (at the time it was still CART) Series was, right? Now, imagine an hour of that garbage on television once every week. Well, rumor has it, that in an effort to boost its fanbase the Indy Racing League is looking to create a prime time drama series, using the IRL as a backdrop. Apparently, the project is being discussed with Aaron Spelling, and would likely be in the mold of a Beverly Hills 90210. Ah, I can just see it now, Tony Kanaan and Helio Castoneves having an on-track demolition derby at 200mph because Tony thinks Helio slept with his wife. But lest I forget, there was something good about that movie Driven (pictured at right). Yeah, it's gratuitous I know.

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