On a cold and windy winter day in Chicago the last feature you'd expect to be checking for is the sunroof. But here I am scoping out the new Sport Red Metallic Pontiac G6 GT that was recently dropped off and I'm a bit disappointed that it is sans the collapsible panoramic roof.

Don?t get me wrong there will be no day on this drive I open the regular sized sunroof the tester is equipped with, but I wanted to see the much talked about accordion style sucker in person. It?s never good to begin a test week disappointed but here I go.

Luckily the roof is pretty much the only thing I?m not impressed with during the first full day of driving. From the outside the G6 looks solid. I enjoy everything about the design from the macho stance, broad backside, narrowing side windows and even the chrome wheels are a good fit (I always prefer the brushed or dull look myself). The only feature I?m really not in love with are the headlights.

Is it just me or do they look way too big for the rest of the car? They seem to creep too far up on the hood and over the natural line created by the gap between the hood and front fender.

g6 interior 250Inside the car is terrific looking. As always black plastic looks best in any car and in this model the two-tone with the tan fabrics and leather seats is a nice combination. Out of all the GM products I?ve tested the Pontiac division seems to be doing the best with whatever platform they?re given. The cockpit feels sporty and somewhat European. I can?t wait to find out if the car?s performance holds up to its looks.

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