It's not that Dan Lienert doesn't like the new Mustang, no instead it's this really empty article that doesn't tell anyone much of anything that gets me wondering why we're even wasting the space here. Sure you have to fit the Forbes audience with sales numbers etc. but when he talks of Mustang sales through November as being over 100,000 units it sounds as if he's talking about the new model. That number is astounding because so many people knew the totally new Mustang would be out in less then a year and bought the old one anyway. Then he discusses how the V-6 is seen as a poor man's Corvette and that Ford "injects some excitement" with the GT version. There have been GT models for over 20 years. This isn't something new. The readers are treated like car morons (and maybe they are) but giving the definition for terms like "wheelbase" and "brake rotors" is just plain odd. At least there is a slide show to enjoy. Yippee.

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