China, world's largest producer of cheap plastic toys, appears set to move past Germany as the world's third largest automobile producer in 2005. America and Japan, the top two automobile producing countries, produce 12.09 million and 10.29 million vehicles respectively, and will still hold a healthy lead over the 5.73 million China is expected to produce. In the coming years, China will be a major player in the automotive industry, already producing joint venture vehicles with GM and Volkswagen. However, China's government controlled Shanghai Automotive Industries Corp (SAIC), wants to produce vehicles with its badge on the hood, and they have purchased control of a Korean motor company, and are currently working on a partnership with MG Rover to give them a manufacturing base in Europe. Of course, with the current automotive market, where there is more production than demand for vehicles (well, certain vehicles at least), companies are looking for new ways to win over customers. With the inroads Formula One has made into China this past year, of course talk of a Chinese F1 team are ripe, but probably premature. So perhaps they will try to win you over with a cheap plastic model of the car you buy from them?

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