It's always refreshing to read one of those rare Car and Driver reviews that's devoid of hard test data, and this Mustang article is no exception. It's pleasurable to not be pummeled by numbers and read about the actual driving experience. C/D romped with the V6 and V8 Stangs on backroads, interstates and a racetrack, and they find it a highly worthy successor to the outgoing model, especially the eight cylinder GT. The unsophisticated suspension is old school but extremely well-executed, ably blending performance and compliance. The 300 horses in the GT are easily extracted thanks to a solid gearbox and free-breathing exhaust pipes. And the interior is pretty damn swanky for a modern car that's trying to do the retro thing on a $25,000 budget. I'm still not thrilled with the Mustang's back end, but otherwise it seems like Ford has lived up to the legend.

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