Now that I've gotten a few miles under my belt in the tC I feel a bit more comfortable commenting on the performance of this sharp little coupe. In almost every arena the tC is a winner.

Handling is perhaps the car's best attribute. Cornering is sharp, the steering precise and when you're throwing the tC around some twisting roads a smile crosses the face.

I?m also pleasantly surprised by the engine and transmission. The manual is very smooth and has the feel of something more sedate, like a Honda Civic. But the clutch and engine it?s mated too offer much more torque and power than the Honda. My only complaint with the powertrain is a clinking sound after shifting and sometimes after mild acceleration. At first I thought it might be the transmission but then it started making noise even when I was in gear and just used more gas. Maybe a loose muffler? No it seems tightly in place. The mystery remains.

The car feels solid despite the odd clink and rattle here and there. But I?m surprised at the noises since the less substantial feeling xB was free of any such complaints.
tc pedals
As others have said the seating position isn?t perfect. But the way I have it set-up is ideal for serious driving and the seats are very cozy. My left foot doesn?t rest well on the clutch pedal which is actually positioned lower than the brake pedal. I?m not sure if this is because of the aftermarket pedals that are installed but it should be lined up with the brake pedal to make the shifting more comfortable. 

I?ll take to the highway in tomorrow?s report and shoot some more images of the roof, cargo area etc. Read Day 1 here.

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