Occasionally, automotive writers, in order to describe the experience of driving a particular car,  will refer to the vehicle as a "race car for the street." Typically this is an exaggeration, as most race cars need extensive modification to be street worthy (for instance, this CLK-DTM weights 1600 pounds more than the race car). But this MB, your usual CLK AMG with a DTM stuck in the middle, is pretty damn close, at least performance-wise. Those three little letters change everything, since they stand for the (translated) German Tour Masters series, which is like NASCAR only with cool European cars that you might recognize. A modified CLK chassis is layered with steel body parts and widened by several inches, helping achieve an organ-crushing 1.35 g on ye olde skidpade. The interior is stripped and then plied with carbon fiber and non-ass-coddling seats. The 5.5 liter AMG V8 puts 574 horses and 590 pounding feet to work through the rear wheels, and with an automatic tranny you can basically just stomp and hold the hell on. Three problems: the car costs $250,000, all 100 are already sold, and even if it wasn't expensive and rare, it's not available in America. A word of advice for pretenders: putting the DTM spoiler on the back of your CLK 320 just isn't going to cut it. 

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