Hilarious, I know. Things have been sluggish with the Quest minivan from the get-go— namely quality issues and insinuations that the angular people mover costs too much. In order to remedy this second problem, Nissan is rolling out a base model stickering at a hair under $23,000, undercutting the current entry level Quest S by about 1200 smackers. Dealers are also reQuesting more models in the $26K range "because that's where Chrysler and Honda are." In order to further increase the value of the base model, Nissan is adding standard equipment like a power sliding door, power liftgate, power rear-quarter windows and a backup warning system so you don't accidentally power over an innocent pedestrian. One other central aspect of the Quest which simply cannot be overlooked was the awesome Modest Mouse song in the commercial. To get sales popping, maybe Nissan should grab a track from the current it-boys, Franz Ferdinand. Or TV on the Radio. Or Ashlee Simpson. Or some hot country chick. Or Beethoven. Just try anything.

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