Car and Driver pays some attention to the '06 Audi A3, set to emerge from the ocean onto 'Murrican shores in May 2005. They spend most of the words on what the car looks like and how it feels to sit in the five-door hatch. Unless you were kidnapped eight years ago and kept in a secret basement compartment far away from automotive publications and dealerships, you know that Audi has a rep for quality interiors, and the A3 is no exception. The car just plain looks and feels good. Fortunately C&Dizzle drove the A3 through the French Alps as well, finding the new 2.0 liter turbo quite peppy, especially when combined with the turbo-lag-reducing six-speed manual. It also handles like the business: "the A3 feels much more like a sports car than a five-door wagon." Word. Initially the A3 will be FWD only and tagged at around $25K, but a piping hot V6 DSG Quattro model is on the way as well, to arrive in early 2006 for about five grand more than the 2.0.

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