Before Frances makes landfall and starts hogging all the headlines I want to sneak in one last Charley tidbit. HC's destruction of a barn in rural central Florida has led to the discovery of a cache of Ferraris thought to be owned by reclusive real estate developer and tax evader Walter Medlin. Known for his extensive F-car collection that was thought to have been dissolved, Medlin had two Ferraris, a P3 and a P4, worth $20 million, seized by the IRS in 1990 because he owed $540,000 in back taxes. Although no such incredibly valuable pieces were uncovered in the wrecked barn, there was still a lot of great prancers— Ferraris like the 330 GT 2+2, a 410 Superamerica, a 275 GTB and a Ferrari F1 car from the 60s. Most of them looked to be suffering from lack of use. Medlin could not be reached for comment, as he was busy tending to the needs of his latest weird purchase: two bears, a leopard, a cougar and a chimpanzee.

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