It seems there may be a crisis of epidemic proportions on the horizon. We're running out of Hemi engines. Don't panic. We'll get through this. Just keep your wits about you and you'll make it through this trying time as Chrysler plans to up production of the all-American powerplant made in their Saltillo, Mexico factory. "What we see is a tremendous shortage of our Hemis," Chrysler President Dieter Zetsche said. Oh man that sounds bad. "It's a great problem to have," he added. What? Great problem? We might go a few weeks without a Hemi. That's not a great problem. Oh you mean because people are so in love with the engine you'll make money hand over fist when you do increase supply? I get it. And there will be a more powerful 6.1 liter Hemi too! Damn. Hurry up with that we need our Hemi fix and a drought to suppliers will have all the addicts on edge.

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