Chrysler has chosen not to renew its deal for NBC's hit reality show The Apprentice for the second season, which starts this September.  Apparently the new higher sponsorship fee charged by the network after the show's wildfire-style success last year chased the automaker away. Season one featured heavy-handed Chrysler product placement within the show, and eventual winner Bill Rancic was given a 2005 Crossfire as part of his prize. Hey, remember when that reality show The Restaurant starring Rocco DiSpirito was on Bravo with its ridiculous shots of Chef Rocco driving his Mitsubishi Endeavor through the city for no apparent reason? I think that was the iron bar that broke the camel's back for poor Mitsu. Now the only reason to watch The Apprentice is to see if any of the contestants can finally surf that freaking thing living on The Donald's skull.

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