Obviously, since it's two higher. Just like the DB13 would be better than the DB9. The DB7 had a lot going for it, and thus the DB9 has much to live up to. It gets the looks right, that's for sure, with a gorgeous body and interior that recall much of the 7, but in the same way a mature-ish twentysomething remembers his or her foolish teens— it was a fun time, but he or she is glad to have moved on. And the drive is spirited, to say the barest minimum, with 444 equines churning, and 85 percent of the engine's torque available at 1500 rpm. The Touchtronic automatic tranny is acceptable, but fortunately a true six-speed is due out next year. The DB9 is devoid of fancy active suspension, yet it corners with an inspiring flatness, and makes use of, you guessed it, Brembo brakes to slow down enough to give the gawkers a good show. How much to be in the show itself? About $160,000. The AMV8 will use the same chassis and an eight cylinder to do battle with the new 911 next year.

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