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It seems everyone wants me to take this car flying down the open road. The talkback comments are pretty interesting. The S2000 is an enthusiast's car for sure but it offers absolutely zero for the everyday driver. To me the best vehicles are the ones that can combine the two. I still rave about the Mazda RX-8 because it had so much sports-car soul but was still a decent daily driver.

The S200 is definitely not a daily driver.

The clutch is a spring-loaded affair that can build muscle. The shifter is also a bit hard to get used to and I found myself missing first a few times which is very unusual for me. The trick seems to be to shift into second then straight up into first before launching. That way you?re confident 1st gear is engaged.

Revving the S2000 is also an interesting exercise. Others have mentioned that you have to get to 5500 to get the real feel for the power. At around 4000 the car is screaming, literally, for a shift even though the redline is way up at 8000. Anytime I tried to get it up that high I was afraid the engine would blow. And by then I realized I was flying down the street too fast as it was. 

Another oddity is that this roadster?s rear wheels like to fly out during semi-aggressive and even casual turning. I am not a fan of rear-wheel cars that do this with any regularity but for some reason the S2000 is easier to control when fish-tailing than others I?ve tested. It?s that pinpoint control and handling that is the true beauty of this vehicle. But beyond the glimpses of superb performance the aches the body will endure may not be worth it. I?d love to race this thing though.

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