Longtime CBS News reporter Mike Wallace was charged with disorderly conduct yesterday after "lunging" at a Taxi and Limousine Commission inspector who was checking out Wallace's double parked limo. Wallace exited Luke's Bar and Grill on the Upper East Side, take-out order in hand, and found two inspectors questioning his driver. According to the TLC deputy commissioner, Wallace approached the men in an "overtly assertive and disrespectful manner", and after failing to move aside after several requests, made some kind of attacking motion towards one of the inspectors. The owner of Luke's apparently witnessed the incident from inside his restaurant, and claimed in defense of his customer, "One of the officers was totally out of line. He manhandled him [Wallace] as if he was a common criminal." The gentleman at right certainly doesn't look like a common criminal, if you ask me. He looks like a happy, tan 86-year-old who will not hesitate to bust your ass if necessary, and then most likely get away with it because he's famous.

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