Despite solid reviews and a grille that says, "I am going to run you over and laugh at your injuries," Nissan's Titan pickup wasn't reaching the expected sales targets needed for the 100,000 units per annum mark. So Nissan did what it had to: it dug deep, and from a suppliant position offered up a $1000 rebate as a kind of chalice from which the mighty buyer could sip. And it worked: we sipped, then we gulped, and Titan sales have moved up to about 8500 a month. Nissan told the Wall Street Journal that the rebate was an attempt to keep up with the massive rebates constantly dispatched by the domestics. The whole episode exemplifies the old adage, "Money talks, people without full-size pickups walk."  

?a??Ÿ%Ÿ%hile behind the wheel, and Caterham has anticipated this issue by including a required driver's school event in the price. The £20,000 tag certainly doesn't put it in the range of most young people, but with a finance deal measuring out £299.95 monthly payments including insurance, it's easier than ever to get new drivers into more car than they can handle.

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