Des Moines teenager Khanh Minh Thi Quach (that's right I said Des Moines) was charged with failing to maintain control of her vehicle and violating her instruction permit after a highway wreck on Saturday. According to Officer Robert Cornwell's (I am not making this up, I swear) report, "Witness said [Quach] was distracted while she was eating corn on the cob while driving." Quach's car slid 129 after she hit the brakes "maybe too hard" and collided with Charvaise Butler's car, which she was using to transport her family home from the 2004 AAU Junior Olympics, where her son Darrian had just banked a copper medal in the racewalking event, a detail which brings to the fore an unavoidable question: since when is racewalking considered a sport?  
[Via Fark]

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