Shaun Murphy's 16,000-mile trek is meant to show the world, and perhaps more specifically America, that gasoline is not the only fuel out there to facilitate motorized transport. Murphy is using various alterna-vehicles to zip around the States, each driven by a different kind of fuel- harnessing technology. For instance, electricity through so-called clean sources (hydro, solar, wind) energizes the tri-wheeled Corbin Sparrow, a TZero sports car,  converted Pontiac Fiero, and a solar-electric canoe. Biodiesel works for a VW Golf, two Hummers, a quarter-mile dragster, and the TV crew's motor home (the journey is being captured in 13 installments, one per vehicle, although a tube deal has yet to be struck). Then there's the airplane that runs on ethanol from corn. And the scooter that scoots via methane from cow dung. The whole enterprise is financially backed by the CEO of Seagate Technology, Stephen Luczo, whose interest in green extends beyond just having truckloads of money.

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