Basically, Toyota feels that although many car enthusiasts have enjoyed the sporting Celica and MR2 models over the years, they're just not pulling their weight these days because they're getting beaten up by the likes of the Matrix, Corolla XRS, Solara coupe and the whole damn Scion line. The Celica was born in 1971 and had a hand in establishing the speedy subcompact segment, and was named  "Import Car of the Year" and put on Car and Driver's "Ten Best Cars" list during its lifetime. The MR2 sprung to life in 1985, offering exotic car design without the hefty tag. In 1988 a supercharger was added, and recent models have featured six speed sequential manual transmissions. Toyota will stop production by the end of the '05 model year. Get a 40 ready so you can pour some out for your fallen homies.

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