The miniature Colt tri-door will come in dual flavors: naturally-aspirated CZ3, and turbocharged CZT. Among the engine choices in the CZ3 range will be a 1.1 liter pushing an insane 75-hp, a 1.3 liter with 95-hp, a 1.5 liter plant making 109-hp, and a 1.5 liter direct injection diesel making 95-hp. The models will sport 5-speed manuals or "Allshift" automatics. The CZT will be propelled by a turboed 1.5 developing 150-hp, which will turn the tiny, lightweight egg-on-wheels into a zippy, corner-munching egg o' fury. There's apparently a turbocharged Outlander on the horizon as well— finally, some competition for the Forester XT.

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