Like us, you've probably been salivating over all of the next-gen M5 spy photos and speculative information that's appeared over the last few months. But it is only now that we have some so-called firm ground on which to stand. Some hard news. Concrete numbers. Actual facts. Because BMW has finally thrown us a bone with official images and specs on the M sedan, which will annihilate American roads beginning next summer. The 5.0 liter V10 will make 507-hp, which is 7 more than expected, and redline at 8250-rpm. A seven-speed SMG box will feature 11 different shift programs, six manual and five automatic, plus a launch control function so you can burn that pansy Gallardo at your local dragstrip. The M5 will also debut BMW's "power button" technology, which provides 400-hp at start-up, and then access to the entire 507 horsies after depressing a button. I do not understand its purpose— but I admit it is cool. The suspension is of course even better than the E39 M5's, and both front and rear brake rotors top 14 inches, meaning that hauling the M5 down from great speeds will be just as easy as getting it up there in the first place.

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