4CAR's review makes a point of decrying the highly-evolutionary nature of the 997— that it only makes a few small advancements, but the previous platform was so stinking good that there was really little on which to improve. The 997 carries over 20 percent of the 996's componentry, but all body panels save the roof are new, and especially welcomed by Porsche purists will be the return to round headlights. Two engines, a 325-hp 3.6 liter flat six for the straight-up Carrera, and a 355-hp 3.8 liter for the Carrera S, are currently available, and expect the all-wheel-drive and Turbo models to appear by Spring 2005. The review praises the outstanding driving dynamics Porsche has eternally been known for, along with its everyday usability as a "practical supercar." The only "drawback" is its physical similarity to the 996.

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