With the proliferation of in-dash Satellite-Navigation (a.k.a. Sat-Nav) systems comes the news that the technology has advantages in addition to helping you get from point A to point B: it can also find various locales between A and B based solely on name or type of destination, as opposed to coordinates. For instance, should you have the good fortune to be driving from Sarasota, FL and Saskatoon, SK, your Sat-Nav would be able to describe where all the fast-food chains, nightclubs and golf equpiment discounters are located along the way. The idea is that you the consumer would get to tailor the type of information included on the supplementary Sat-Nav DVDs, since if you are really only excited about the sport of curling, then the golf equipment discounter information would prove useless. It is thought that companies could buy space on the DVDs,  thereby in effect sponsoring motorists' commercial detours.    

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