With the news that Nissan is bringing the Scion xB-competing Cube to the U.S. already a week old, impatient enthusiasts are already clamoring for more from the automaker. Specifically more in the form of the March, which in Europe goes by the Micra nomenclature. Autoweek had the distinct pleasure of driving two March cars, a 1.5 liter turbodiesel and a 1.2 liter model called the 12SR, with the S and R fulfilling their typical roles as designators of fun, quick cars. The turbodiesel produces a lovely 136 lb./ft. pf torque, however the fuel needed to be shipped from France because American diesel is too crude for the engine (score one for France). The 12SR, while only pushing 107-hp, weighs a mere 2000 lbs. and is therefore a swift, nimble, Mini-esque machine. The March has been successful in both European and Asian markets, however there are no current plans to bring it stateside. Boo.

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