The Porsche GT3 illustrates the old "less is more" adage by stripping down the 911 to its bare essentials. The engine is devoid of turbos, but the flat six still produces 380-hp, driving the rear wheels and sending the GT3 to 60 in just over four seconds. The car lacks any driver aids besides ABS, so that the car does exactly as the driver instructs, even if the instructions are wrong. The interior is simple, with special leather-wrapped GT3 race seats and a roll cage. The Autoweek review unsurprisingly heaps truckloads of praise on the car, noting that the vehicle is constantly entertaining to drive. A nicely-spec'ed GT3 runs $118,250, although about 8 grand of that comes from the ceramic brake upgrade. According to a guy who owns two (count 'em) GT3s, one with ceramics and one without, the iron stoppers "work nearly as well."

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