If you want to go really really fast on a racetrack, you're going to need a racecar. And you're in luck, because Dodge can fill that need with its new Viper Competition Coupe, a full-on track-only monster. 520-hp, a safety cage, Hoosier racing slicks, friendly handling characteristics, and the removal of power-robbing emissions restrictors add up to a vehicle that can run to 60 in three seconds and pull 1.19 g on the skidpad, trumping an Enzo by .14 g. And the best part is that this Viper costs at least half a mil less than an Enzo, starting at $129,000. The only thing really holding this snake back is that it falls between classes in some popular racing leagues, but Dodge is currently working on a remedy by negotiating with the various sanctioning organizations.

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