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    When McLaren revealed the new 650S last month at the Geneva Motor Show, it was adamant that it was not a replacement for the 12C on which it was based, but rather a supplement to it within the company's growing lineup of supercars. Production was suspended on the 12C while the McLaren Technology Center in Woking geared up to begin assembling the 650S, but was slated to begin again in the near future – depending on demand. That all changes with today's announcement, however.

    Autoweek reports that McLaren is slowing down production of the company's MP4-12C due to quality concerns. The automaker is currently working on fixes to small problems like condensation in the vehicle's headlights, door functionality and an electrical issue that causes the battery to go dead over time. McLaren is refuting reports that the quality issues are safety or performance related in any way. Instead, the company says that production is being slowed to correct issues that are arising on v

    A Formula One team runs very differently than a car manufacturer. When an F1 team finds that a new suspension component or aerodynamic winglet isn't performing exactly as expected – or as their star driver would like – they go straight back to the drawing board and come up with a solution, lickety-split.

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