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Ultra-rare SHO-powered aluminum-bodied Mercury Sable AIV spotted in Canada

by John Neff (RSS feed) on Apr 26th, 2010 at 11:31AM

Back in 1994, Ford produced a series of experimental Mercury Sables with all-aluminum bodies. About 20 were made, a few of which were even powered by the aluminum 3.2-liter Yamaha V6 from the automatic-equipped Taurus SHO of the time. Laden down with high-performance hardware, the aluminum-bodied Sable AIV, which stands for Aluminum-Intensive Vehicle, was some 360 pounds lighter than a steel-bodied SHO and 91 pounds lighter than a 1994 Mercury Sable (with a much less powerful Vulcan V6, mind you). It was also more fuel efficient despite being tuned for performance. Having largely been... Read More

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