Mercury Mountaineer

Upscale fraternal twin of the Ford Explorer, the Mercury Mountaineer provides a comfortable ride while retaining utility and some off-road capability. Abundant cargo space, an accommodating interior and seating for up to seven passengers are hallmarks of this mid-size sport utility vehicle.The...


2010 Mercury Mountaineer
MSRP: $29,480 - $37,180
2009 Mercury Mountaineer
MSRP: $28,700 - $35,030
2008 Mercury Mountaineer
MSRP: $26,800 - $32,935
2007 Mercury Mountaineer
MSRP: $27,370 - $34,005
2006 Mercury Mountaineer
MSRP: $29,150 - $35,500
NHTSA closes rollaway investigation into 1.56M Ford SUVs

It's taken four years of study, but the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has finally closed the books on its investigation into rollaway accusations surrounding 1.56-million Ford SUV models.
Ford receives nearly 17,000 applications for open positions in Louisville

Here's a measure of how bad the economy is. Ford is getting ready to start assembling the upcoming all-new Escape at its Louisville Assembly Plant after having built the Explorer and Mercury Mountaineer there since 1990 (see the last one ever made in the mob of people above). To that end, the company recently began accepting applications for 1,800 open positions to shore up the 1,100-strong workforce already there. According to reports, nearly 17,000 people showed up to apply – 16,837 soul
Mercury production to cease in late September?

If Automotive News is correct – and they usually are – it looks like Mercury won't make it to Thanksgiving this year. Heck, they won't even make it through Halloween according to a new report. AN is saying that three dealers have come with forward with news of the automaker's plans. What they're saying is that the 71-year-old brand will start winding down production at the end of September. The ancient Grand Marquis gets the axe on Sept. 30, the Mountaineer on Oct. 1, the Milan on Oc

For Sale

2005 Mercury Mountaineer
$7,639 / 86,003 miles / WA
2004 Mercury Mountaineer
$7,995 / 145,125 miles / WA
2003 Mercury Mountaineer
/ 201,002 miles / WA
"...the new Mountaineer has a far more distinctive style which Mercury describes as being inspired by 'modern architecture'. Whatever, it certainly doesn't look like anything else on the road.
Gsm Mercury
1931 2nd Ave Seattle, 32565 0.3 miles
Mercury Courier
227 9th Ave N Seattle, 32573 0.7 miles
Mercury Group
111 Queen Anne Ave N Ste 500 Seattle, 32573 1.2 miles