It's easy to fall in love with the Fisker Karma based on looks alone. Figure in the luxury interior, electric drivetrain, and the convenience of the extended range, and it's hard to fault anyone who took the plunge and plunked down their hard-earned dollars for this swank green machine. Things go wrong, sure, as they do with any vehicle, but when the company goes bankrupt and you can't get the parts to get your car running again, let's just hope you really like the way it looks in your garage.

Fisker's new owner, Wanxiang, has some welcome news. "The Fisker team is settling and still negotiating with over 300 suppliers," says Linyun Frank Qi, Fisker Coordinator at Wanxiang America, in a note to the Fisker Owners Club. "Most of them are good to go now which means we will soon have access to all the parts and also means you will soon have access to them too." Qi says he had an accident of his own in the company show car, which is still in the shop, so he can empathize with other Karma drivers.

Wanxiang, a highly profitable auto parts company, bought Fisker earlier this year, along with its battery supplier A123 Systems. The company says it has grown the Fisker team from 20 to 80 people in recent months. The news that parts will soon be available could also be evidence that Fisker is closer to beginning production of the Karma again.

Fisker bought an old GM plant in Delaware as part of the deal to purchase the company, and has said that there is a "50-50" chance of building cars in the state. It also wants to build a second model beginning in 2017.

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      I have loved the look of the Fisker since I first saw concept photos years ago and if I could afford one, I'd certainly buy one instead of the bland looking (IMO) Tesla...never understood the appeal of the Tesla design; the Karma has some really sexy lines and much more elegant looking. :-)
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      Fisker's creditors asked the judge in the bankruptcy to sell the company to the bidder that offered them equity shares in New Fisker. So it isn't too surprising that New Fisker has quickly gotten everything fixed up with so many creditors who are suppliers. These creditors/suppliers have a vested financial interest in seeing New Fisker succeed, which was exactly what they asked for in the bankruptcy proceedings. New Fisker's new owners are long-time car part builders themselves, so they are in a much better position to negotiate with parts suppliers than the original Fisker, who was at the mercy of the parts suppliers. The hard part about building cars is that you have to get 100% of the suppliers onboard before you can build a single car. 99% isn't enough. You can't send a car out the door without a steering wheel, or headlights, etc. Starting production without even a single part can lead to very costly supply problems, like when Tesla had to pay big bucks to fly in wheels from overseas for the early Model S's.
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      This is exciting news; best of luck to Wanxiang.