Spartan V
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Just when you thought the communal fascination with Frank Miller's 300 had all but washed away, a track machine dedicated to the ancient fighting Spartans hit the scene. Meet the Spartan V – a lightweight all-star with a heart borrowed from Ducati. That's right, this machine hits the scales at less than 661 pounds and packs 170 horsepower from a 1200 cc Italian mill.

In other words, it should absolutely go like stink.

The company behind the project says that the Spartan V should be able to click off the 0-60 mph dash in less than three seconds on its way to a top speed of 173 mph thanks to a sequential six-speed gearbox. If you're looking for a motorcycle on four wheels, this is it.

The vehicle uses a tubular space-frame chassis clad in plenty of carbon fiber to keep the pounds off, and those sexy double-hoop roll bars can be swapped out for an FIA-compatible single-hoop should you decide to enter the heat of competition. It all sounds good, sure, but if you want one you'll have to shell out $84,321 at current conversion rates. Madness? This is the Spartan V.

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