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2011 Nissan X-Trail 20GT – Click above for high-res image gallery

Our neighbors to the north may recall the Nissan X-Trail a little better than the rest of us. The Japanese manufacturer recently stopped sale of the SUV in Canada, which a shame considering what's on offer for 2011. Next year, buyers in other parts of the world will be able to snap up their X-Trail with an efficient clean-diesel engine bolted to a six-speed automatic transmission. Power figures for the engine and auto trans combo are still MIA, but Nissan claims that the mill will be capable of power on par with a 3.5-liter V6.

The rest of the changes to the globe-wandering SUV are mostly aesthetic. Outside, the truck gets a slightly reworked front fascia, including the headlights, bumper and grille, along with LED tail lights. Inside, the driver is treated to larger gauges and a new vehicle information display, while passengers get to play with an all-new heated or cooled glove box. Looks like a little bundle of SUV joy to us. Hit the jump for the press release.

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Nissan Releases Revised X-TRAIL SUV -
Adds Automatic Transmission Model to Clean Diesel "20GT"

YOKOHAMA (July 8, 2010) - Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. today announced the release of the new revised X-TRAIL and the addition of a 6-speed automatic transmission model to the Clean Diesel "X-TRAIL 20GT." Both go on sale July 16th at Nissan dealers nationwide.

X-TRAIL 20X (fitted with optional equipment)

X-TRAIL 20GT (fitted with optional equipment)

Following its full model change in August 2007, X-TRAIL has held the top position in the annual SUV sales ranking for three consecutive years (from FY2007 through FY2009*1). X-TRAIL's popularity is attributed to customers' high evaluations of its interior with high functionality (such as water repellant seats), spacious luggage area where items can be loaded efficiently, a high level of driving stability, and superior off-road capability delivered by the advanced "ALL MODE 4X4-i" 4WD system. Consumers also enjoy the excellent environmental performance of the Clean Diesel "GT20," which meets Japan's stringent "Post New Long-term Regulations."*2 X-TRAIL is the first vehicle in the world to do so.

The latest refinements to X-TRAIL focus on the exterior, interior and the addition of a new "20GT" Clean Diesel 6-speed automatic transmission model. On the exterior, the front grille, front bumper and headlights have been redesigned to give an even bolder and sportier front-end look. Also, the combination taillights have been changed to LED, improving visibility from following vehicles in bad weather.

In the interior, large-size meters have been adopted for better driver visibility and a vehicle information display system is newly provided to display moment fuel consumption, upcoming maintenance schedules and various other information. In addition, a glove compartment with heat-retention and refrigerator functions is standard on all models.

The versatile utility that only the X-TRAIL can deliver has been further enhanced with the addition of an "Advanced Hill Descent Control" (fitted with a speed-setting function), which can set the desired driving speed suited to road surface conditions, the degree of hill grade or other situations. It has been adopted on 4WD models (except for manual transmission models).

With the addition of the new "20GT" 6-speed automatic transmission (with manual shift mode) model, Nissan now offers an advanced Clean Diesel engine model capable of delivering both superior driving and environmental performance. The X-TRAIL "20GT" is powered by the 2-liter "M9R" Clean Diesel engine that generates, from low RPM range, a level of torque comparable to that of a 3.5-liter V6 gasoline engine.

In fiscal year 2010, Nissan introduces its two-pillar strategy to reduce CO2 emissions: "zero emissions" and PURE DRIVE. PURE DRIVE vehicles are designed to achieve top-level-in-class fuel economy for mass-produced models by equipping them with optimal next-generation eco technologies, such as Idling stop, Clean Diesel and Hybrid. "20GT" is the second in the series of PURE DRIVE vehicles to be introduced in Japan.
For X-TRAIL gasoline engine-equipped models, Nissan now offers grades that meet the tax break measures*3 provided in Japan's "tax system to promote the diffusion of environmentally friendly vehicles," thereby qualifying for 75% reductions in the automobile acquisition tax and the automobile weight tax. Meanwhile, the Clean Diesel "20GT" model is fully exempt from the automobile acquisition tax and the automobile weight tax under the said tax system. Also, as a next-generation automobile, the Clean Diesel "20GT" model is eligible for the government "subsidies (a maximum of 210k yen) intended to promote the introduction of clean diesel cars. "*4 These subsidies continue to be available for eligible cars, even after the end of September 2010 when the eco-car purchase subsidies are due to be terminated.

Major Changes to the Equipment and Specifications of the X-TRAIL (Common to All Models)


* Redesigned front grille, front bumper and headlights
* New LED combination taillights
* Redesigned 17-inch aluminum wheels, tire size changed to P225/60R17
* Choice of seven exterior colors, including Himalayan Khaki (Metallic) and Steel Blue (Metallic), among other exterior refinements


* "Vehicle Information Display" provided at the center of the meter panel - this display system is fitted with a drive computer function to indicate fuel consumption, cruising range, etc., a maintenance function to show the time to change engine oil and tires, and a warning information function to display various warnings
* Larger size meters
* Interior pillar color changed from gray to the same color as the instrument panel
* Cross seat material changed from space fabric to suede-like tricot

Mechanism and Equipment

* Newly adopted Advanced Hill Descent Control system (with a speed-setting function) for 4WD models - this system enables the driver to set his or her desired driving speed arbitrarily within the range from 4km/h to 15km/h, depending on the degree of hill grade
* Glove compartment with heat-retention and refrigerator functions adopted
* Three-point seatbelt and a headrest installed at the center of the rear seat as standard equipment
* Intelligent Key system + engine immobilizer provided as standard equipment (except for 20S)
* 6-speed automatic transmission model added to the 20GT - features a highly distributed lean NOx trap catalyst dedicated to the diesel engine and a high-precision engine management system dedicated to the AT model
* 18-inch aluminum wheels adopted on 20GT models

Price range:
X-TRAIL: 2,239,650 yen to 3,139,500 yen, including consumption tax

www.nissan.co.jp/X-TRAIL/ (Japanese only)

1. *1: Registrations of the "X-TRAIL" in the Japan market: April 2007~March 2008: 34,651units, April 2008~March 2009: 27,001units, April 2009~March 2010: 38,179units (Japan Automobile Dealers Association (JADA) survey). According to JADA classification, SUVs are domestically produced off-road 4WD vehicles (including some 2WD vehicles).
2. *2: Post New Long-term Regulations (Japan's 2009 motor vehicle exhaust emission standards) stipulate that NOx is to be reduced by 47% and PM (particulate matter) by 64% from the levels required by the "New Long-term Regulations" (exhaust emission standards) which have been in effect in Japan since 2005 (applicable to vehicles weighing more than 1,265kg). The Post New Long-term Regulations went into effect for new models in October 2009 and will apply to existing models and imported cars, starting from September 2010.
3. *3: All "20X" 4WD models, and the "20S" model, which gets to weigh more than 1,520kg with the installation of optional equipment, have achieved 75% lower emissions (SU-LEV) than the level required by the 2005 exhaust emission standards, and they have also achieved a 25% improvement in fuel economy over the 2010 fuel economy standards. Thus, they qualify for:
75% reduction of the automobile acquisition tax on vehicles newly registered by March 31, 2012 and
75% reduction of the automobile weight tax on vehicles newly registered by April 30, 2012.
Meanwhile, the automobile tax on vehicles newly registered by March 31, 2012 is reduced by 50% for one year starting from the next fiscal year following the registrations (excluding mini-vehicles).
The "20GT"(Clean Diesel) models are regarded as next generation automobiles, thus they are fully exempt from the automobile acquisition tax and the automobile weight tax during the above-mentioned periods.

Nissan collectively refers to models that qualify for these preferential tax breaks under the "tax system to promote the diffusion of environmentally friendly vehicles," as the Nissan ECO Series (NECO Series). There are following 20 applicable models in the NECO series as of June 9, 2010: "Moco," "Otti," "Roox," "March," "Note," "Cube," "Tiida," "Tiida Latio," "Wingroad," "Serena," "Juke," "Dualis," "X-TRAIL," "Lafesta," "Skyline Sedan," "Fuga," "AD/AD Expert," "NV200 Vanette," "Atlas F24"and "Atlas H43."
4. *4: The open application period for the government subsidies (a maximum of 210k yen) to promote the introduction of clean diesel cars is from April 1, 2010 through February 8, 2011. (If the number of open applications reaches a certain level, the subsidies are to be terminated halfway through the period.) The amount of the clean diesel subsidies varies depending on vehicle purchase prices, and the subsidies cannot be drawn upon in combination with the subsidies for eco-car purchases.

Autech Japan Adds New "X-TREMER X" Customized X-TRAIL Models in August

Autech Japan, Inc., a wholly owned Nissan affiliate, today announced that it will start sales of the "X-TREMER X" customized models, based on the X-TRAIL SUV, at Nissan dealers nationwide on August 23rd.

X-TRAIL 20X X-TREMER X<fitted with optional equipment>

The "X-TREMER X" customized model further emphasizes the X-TRAIL's Tough Gear image. It is equipped with special exterior parts, such as a front overrider, undercover and dedicated large-size fog lamps. These pieces are intended to protect the underbody, mainly in off-road driving, and to further enhance a sense of presence and an air of massive substance as an SUV. The "X-TREMER X Plus Navi HDD" model, fitted with a high performance HDD navigation system as standard equipment, is offered at an affordable price.

Like the base X-TRAIL models, these specially customized models meet tax break measures *1 provided in Japan's "Tax system to promote the diffusion of environmentally friendly vehicles." Customized models based on the "20X" gasoline model qualify for 75% reductions in the automobile acquisition tax and the automobile weight tax, while customized models based on the Clean Diesel "20GT" model are fully exempt from these taxes. Furthermore, as next-generation automobiles, the models based on the Clean Diesel "20GT" model are eligible for the government "subsidies (a maximum of 210k yen) to promote the introduction of clean diesel cars." *2 These clean diesel subsidies continue to be available for eligible cars, even after the end of September 2010 when the eco-car purchase subsidies are due to be terminated.

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    • 1 Second Ago
      • 5 Years Ago
      Holy roof rails Batman!

      That front clip would never pass in the states...errr, well one would hope at least.

      The interior is marginal at best. Looks somewhat cheap and unimaginative.
        • 5 Years Ago
        Nah...i meant style wise.
      • 5 Years Ago
      This would be a nice competitor to the Escape and CRV.
      • 5 Years Ago
      As a student, the X-trail was on my to-buy list. They are one of the few cute-utes that could actually hold their own, i.e. real 4x4 that you could lock on and off, available with a manual. Still see them around, and I like the boxy utilitarian look. (I'm Canadian, so I was looking at the 05&06).

      The Rogue is fine, but as useless as any of the other cutes. Just a wagon.
      • 5 Years Ago
      It was sold 2 years in Canada ('05 & '06) if my memory is good. And it sold well! Then it was replaced by the Rogue which was also introduced in the US.

      The X-Trail might not be the best looking small SUV and it might not have the better interior plastics. But it was qualified as Nissan's most reliable product a few years ago. And it sure is practical!! Such practicality was not continued through the Rogue, sadly. I have a friend who has a manual tranny on it, and it does a pretty honest job for everything. And the mileage is great. And no, its not a truck; its car-based (read: Sentra-based). A diesel would have been... awesome. Still waiting for Nissan to bring ANY diesel engine into Canadian and US soil... :/

      The X-Terra is a fully capable truck playing in another arena.
      • 5 Years Ago
      I don't think we ever got the second gen X-Trail though, let alone this refresh.
        • 5 Years Ago
        The "Juke" should be renamed "N-Trail"
        • 5 Years Ago
        Yeah, who needs this thing when we get to have awesome vehicles like the Juke? >_
        • 5 Years Ago
        You also see them in South Texas, in the Rio Grande Valley, driven by Mexicans who drive across to shop at the malls and Walmart. I like the X-Trail, and the Ford EcoSport, another mini-SUV that's sold in Mexico.

      • 5 Years Ago
      Dang, why don't we get that sucker here in the States? Is it sold as the Xterra here or is that a totally different rig?
        • 5 Years Ago
        Totally different thing. I think this shares the platform with the Sentra and the Nissan Quashqai/Rogue (also a Sentra derivative). You see them down here in SD with mexi-tags on them
      • 5 Years Ago
      Maybe they should bring this here to appeal to men. Unlike a certain small Nissan SUV, that attracts women.

      (I was talking about the "Rogue")
      (I was not implying that the Rogue was terrible, just implying that it attracts women)
      (No offense to women the Roque looks "cute".)
      • 5 Years Ago
      It's extremely boring to drive. I was handed the keys for 2 hours, I returned it to the dealer in 30 minutes so I wouldn't fall asleep behind the wheel.
      • 5 Years Ago
      I don't know why Nissan developed the Xterra, when we in the U.S. coulda had this cute-ute. I've seen one up close, and it's a nice size (think Subaru Forester).
        • 5 Years Ago
        Yeah - they're pretty much a direct competitor to the CR-V and RAV4. The X-Terra is larger (the second gen anyway) and more truckish. I really don't know why they didn't bring it to the States - this missed out on the whole mini-ute craze.
      • 5 Years Ago
      They were a very nice trucklet. Nissan sold a lot of 'em up here. They would have sold even more if not for the center dash binnacle housing the speedo. It turned us off. I doubt we were the only ones. The speedo has been relocated to in front of the driver in this iteration.

      It was discontinued to make way for the Rogue, which is a whole different thing.
      • 5 Years Ago
      Nice refresh. Here in Europe that last refresh was so minor you could barely tell the difference between the new and old models!
      • 5 Years Ago
      Had one as a rental in Cancun. Not bad, needed a AUX input jack badly, but at least it wasn't saddled with a CVT like everything Nissan here.....
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