The personalized license plate phenomenon has taken hold all across the globe. While Americans rightly refer to them as Vanity Plates, they aren't the only ones to go ga-ga over just the right combination of letters and numbers. In the UK, the fascination is even more notable because people own the plates and can keep them as they move from vehicle to vehicle, or even buy or sell plates they like. Recently a plate with a very desirable code came up for auction on eBay. Appealing to businesses and corporate executives (or wannabes), the "CEO 1" plate was expected to fetch a pretty nifty sum. And it did. It just set a record for the highest price ever paid for a personalized numberplate on eBay at £154,100. That's more than $300,000 in case you were wondering. So it's very likely the plates will be worth more than the car they are affixed to, depending on what the top bidder's ride is.
Amazingly, this figure barely puts the plate in the top ten for overall highest prices paid. After the jump is a list, with numberplate, sale price, and year sold. Crazy. But if you simply have to have that plate, there aren't a lot of options.

M1 - £331,000 - 2006
51 NGH - £254,000 - 2006
K1 NGS - £235,000 - 1993
GS1- £220,000 - 2005
1A - £200,000 - 1989
1 OO - £197,000 - 2006
1F - £144,000 - 2005
S1 NGH - £108,000 - 1998
1RR - £106,000 - 1994
MR51 NGH - £101,000 - 2006
1S - £100,000 - 1998
G1 LLY - £87,000 - 1990
1MK - £83,000 - 2002
RU55 ELL - £78,000 - 2006



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