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Police Dashcam Captures Train Hitting Van | Autoblog Minute

Recently surfaced dashcam footage shows a train hitting a van. The incident comes from Brook Park, Ohio where an AT&T service van is reported to have bypassed the railroad gate and getting stuck in the tracks.

Train smashes through semi truck in Czech Republic crash

Cameras captured a dramatic crash in the Czech Republic when a train hit a semi as the truck tried to cross the tracks in time.

Contractors clear derailed crude oil train, evacuation order stands

Second Trail Derailment In Two Days, The First One Spilled Ethanol

Two train derailments in Wisconsin spilled fuel in the past few days. One released 1,000 gallons of crude oil, the other 18,000 gallons of ethanol.

Oil, ethanol train wrecks increase pressure for tougher safety rules

Predictions Say Oil, Ethanol Trains Will Crash 10x A Year For Decades

A new analysis predicts oil, ethanol trains in US will derail 10 times a year over the next two decades, causing more than $4 billion in damage and possibly killing hundreds of people. There are moves to prevent this.

Ethanol spill from train crash still causing problems in Iowa

A train carrying ethanol crashed three weeks ago and spilled 55,000 gallons into the Mississippi river. The long-term effects are unknown.

Ethanol train crashes, derails in Iowa

Unknown Amount Of Biofuel Spills Into Mississippi River

A train crash in Iowa result in a fire and spills an unknown amount of ethanol into the Mississippi River near Dubuque.

Tiny train collides with actual car to surprising effect

Let this video be a lesson that no matter how small – or deserted – train tracks appear to be, you should never stop on them. The video was shot this week at Hermann Park in Houston, TX as families rode around the sprawling park in a scaled-down train. For some reason (we suspect waiting for a parking spot), the driver of this Honda Accord stopped on the tracks, and the train did not have enough time to stop as it rounded the corne

Freight Train Crushes Semi Truck Stopped On Utah Railroad Track

No one hurt in accident caught on film by train buff

James Wood was recording a video of a passing Union Pacific because his four-year-old son has a fascination with trains. He wound up with dramatic footage of a puzzling accident at a Utah railroad crossing.

China's tragic train crash may change nation's electric vehicle strategy

At least 40 passengers, including two Americans, were killed in a terrible crash of a Chinese bullet train on July 23. The "official" cause of the devastating crash was ruled a lightning strike, though reactions from authorities have raised doubts.