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Susan Fowler’s Uber harassment story is being made into a movie

She's helping to develop the movie, too.

For many women in Silicon Valley, Fowler's blog post was the shot heard around the world.

Uber fires 20 employees in sexual harassment investigation

But hires a gender equality expert as VP of Leadership & Strategy.

The tech company is working to turn its reputation and culture around.

Investors and employees aren't buying Uber's sexism 'probe'

"This decision is yet another example of Uber's continued unwillingness to be open, transparent and direct."

Uber CEO reveals details on sexual harassment investigation

Uber is working on a diversity report in the wake of an ex-engineer's sexual harassment claims.

A former Uber engineer's blog post that blew up online did more than just shame the company into finally investigating her long-ignored sexual harassment allegations. It has also forced the ride-sharing service to take a look at its diversity numbers.

Uber reportedly ignored repeated sexual harassment by manager

CEO Travis Kalanick has ordered an 'urgent investigation' into the matter.

A former engineer at Uber wrote that she was sexually harassed and that her complaints were ignored by the human resources department, despite other harassment reports against the same manager.

Police officer fired for sexually harassing a young woman

A police officer in Jackson, Mississippi was fired after a video surfaced of him sexually harassing a young woman from his patrol car.