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US Marines to convert MV-22 Osprey for air-to-air refueling

Because this aircraft couldn't do enough already.

It won't carry a lot of fuel, but it's enough to keep USMC fighters on station a little longer.

FEMA teams with Marines to test MV-22 Osprey

With more speed and cargo-hauling ability than most helicopters, the USMC's MV-22 Osprey could prove an able partner in US disaster relief operations.

MV-22 Osprey successfully hits target with aft-fired weapons

A DARPA test back in March has successfully launched two different rear-facing weapons from a Marine Corps MV-22 Osprey tilt-rotor cargo plane.

Bell-Boeing successfully completes V-22 Osprey weapons test

September's report that the US Air Force was thinking about armoring and arming its V-22 Osprey was a surprise, and now, less than three months on, the tilt-rotor plane has successfully completed its first forward-firing weapons test.

Armor plating, forward-firing weapons coming to Air Force CV-22 Osprey

Anyone that's seen one of our military photo roundups, which are posted every Friday afternoon, knows that we're pretty fond of the Osprey, the US military's tilt-rotor cargo plane. While its ability to transition from horizontal to vertical flight is plenty cool on its own, the US Air Force's Special Operations Command could modify the branch's CV-22 (the Marines fly the MV-22),

The best military photos of the week: August 22

Today also sees the start of another new feature, which should really appeal to photography fans. We've raided the Defense Video & Imagery Distribution System for the very best military photos of the past week, taken by the photojournalists of America's armed forces. Keep an eye open every Friday afternoon for more of the best.