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3.0 out of 5

Mrs Carol O'Connor

2016-05-19 12:16:12

Having purchased a Toureg without looking at reviews we soon found we had a problem with the automatic transmission and on doing some searching found we had inherited the problem so rang Beds Auto Transmission who paired the problem for £850.00 ± VAT and it took them 2.5 hours from start to finish. Excellent service would highly recommend to all.

2016 Volkswagen Touareg

2016 VW Toureg LUX

2016-03-25 08:26:44

If I wrote this review within the first month of having the vehicle I would have given it one star and headlined it, "Stay Away!" But after nearly three months and 4,200 miles I am softening up to the Toureg as it also seems to be softening up to me - by that I mean fully breaking in. Maybe we're just getting used to each other, ************ like everything was overtightened and needed to loosen up. The car became more enjoyable after about 2,500 miles.The Toureg is substantial. It feels like it is carved from granite. It has a solid Tuetonic thunk when closing the doors. It has the best seats for position and comfort of any car that I've owned. Unfortunately it falls short in some areas and it exhibits a quirky behavior which is not a compliment.The obvious shortcomings are in limited to the tech side. No USB ports, proprietary cable to connect phone, and the integration of the phone into the system itself. In fairness I am spoiled by another vehicle in the house that has Apple CarPlay, plus I knew this before I ************ this one is on me. But the "quirkiness" in driving characteristics is not. The first 1,000 miles in the car were miserable. Crazy and unpredictable vibrations at highway speed. Three trips back to the dealer, one to an independent speed shop, said tires were out of balance. So they were re-balanced again and again. Nothing seemed to help. After further research I was troubled to see that others had this issue and it could be a drive shaft bearing. At this point I wanted out of the car. Since I would lose a lot if I dumped it so soon, I seriously shopped 18" tire and wheel packages (The LUX comes with 19’s) hoping that would fix the vibrations. I was literally on my way to see 4-18" Cayenne wheels from craigslist when on a whim I decided to check tire pressure. The pressure was all over the map - all 4 tires were different. I have a compressor at home and corrected them. While I was on the highway to go see the tires there was little or no vibration. It turns out that remedied 90% of the problem. In time it got even better. I think the car is so "screwed together" tightly that it needs time to break in.I don't know if I would recommend the Toureg just yet - the beginning left a bad taste. If it's trouble free for the first 2 years or so I suppose I would. If VW does read these things I would suggest the following for an immediate refresh: A bit more refinement in limiting cabin noise coming from the engine under acceleration or at highway speeds and update the tech. I think they'd have true major player in the segment and the Toureg would be a value standout.

2016 Volkswagen Touareg

What a dissapointment!

2011-01-04 19:41:46

This was the worst VW we have ever owned after owning just about every VW model, this vehicle was a total disapointment! From the week it drove off the dealers lot in North Attleboro MA it was a mechanical failure. Countless trips back to the dealer with unresolved issues and finally after two years and countless efforts to resolve electrical and mechanical issues we gave it up. I was even told by another VW dealer that attempted to address the warranty issues that t his was a problematic car and they did not recommend keeping it. VW of North America did nothing to assist but recommend taking it ti yet another dealer. None of my previous (4) Ford Explorer suv's ever had this many problems. After owning all VW's for many years I am no longer loyal to this brand or the dealer that just shook their heads as if they did not care. Well, I have replaced the Toureg with a Toyota Sequoia and love it!

2004 Volkswagen Touareg

2004 VW Touareg

2010-11-29 16:03:02

Owned since first day and now have 90,000 miles on this bad boy. Mainly drives to work but I tow 2 jet skis on weekends weighing around 5000 lbs. Overall I've been happy with this car. All the controls are logically placed and work well. A/C could use a little more oomph - but I live in Miami where it gets REALLY hot. Problem was solved by tinting the windows. This SUV does though have a tendency to go thru tires. I average only 20-25,000 miles per set - all balanced and aligned. I guess its because this thing is heavy - very heavy. It does have airbags for everybody - including rear seat curtains for back seat passengers - big selling point for me. If it has a bad feature i'd say its the mileage - it sucks - even ****** best I don't get more than 19 mpg - with mostly highway. That's all - enjoy!!!

2004 Volkswagen Touareg

'05 Touareg

2008-11-14 18:12:33

best car I ever had - love the thing - has 93,000. miles now. never one minute problem, never one complication. worth every dime I paid for it. Too bad they discontinued the reed green color - love that too!

2005 Volkswagen Touareg

Review of 2006 Volkswagen Touareg

2007-10-26 11:57:05

2006 Volkswagen Touareg

Better than my wifes MERCEDES E350 4matic

2007-08-22 11:46:40

This is a great car the only problem I have been having is that the roof leaks not the sun roof but the drainage system gets blocked somehow causing water to fill up in the compass area casuing water to leak in the compass area and drip in to the car through the headliner.

2007 Volkswagen Touareg

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