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5.0 out of 5


2013-01-14 17:25:37

Absolutely beautiful.

2013 BMW X3

Hybrid Like Technology 4 Cyl Turbo Charged

2012-06-10 22:35:40

Purchased the X3 (with no intention) and truly loved it over the Q5 which WAS my first car of choice. The X3 has three driving modes, ECO, Sport and both with the ECO shut off/on button. In the ECO mode the car turns off at stops to save gas and I have been averaging 21 mpg combined city/hwy with the AC running. Uses 89 gas, 91 while is preferred, but I have had no issues with the 89 gas. Nav system, bluetooth is fantastic and maps very accurate and updated. The screen is much improved over the past years in that the info can be seen between the speedometer and tachometer which can also be controlled via steering wheel. The main Nav screen has a split screen function and does not turn off while driving. Not sure if that is a good thing though. The lift gates picks up from afar and rear parking views include the side of the car with three options: 1-with guidelines, 2-no guidelines, 3-animated version with top view. The car does hesitate just a bit when taking off, but I gets up to 60 within seconds, while I am not realizing the speed. Has great pickup when passing, and brakes are fabulous. There is also an auto/stop button which can be used during traffic so that you don't have to constantly step on the brake, the car will do it for you. My only complaint is not enough storage, no unlock button in the side door (or I haven't found it yet) standard radio (should have upgraded it). The best part is that a fully loaded X3 (minus my upgrade radio) was much cheaper than the Q5 with 1/2 options which I wasn't willing to pay for. Also, BMW seemed to have an ample supply of the 2013, while 2012 Audi did not. I also liked the Acura 2013 RDX but the Nav system cannot find a street not digitized, a deal breaker for me.

2013 BMW X3

Review of 2007 BMW X3

2010-02-22 19:12:57

Best car I have ever driven, love all the amenities.

2007 BMW X3

Bucks like a bronco. Horrendous ride. Halting transmission.

2009-09-17 03:26:22

2009 BMW X3

Very nice, but pricey

2009-02-09 09:22:32

Having had a BMW a number of years ago, I am aware of the performance of such vehicles..great pick up, drive, steering control, and overall build quality , still doesnt disappoint. I traded in a 2006 Lexus RX 330. I have to admit I had buyers remorse for a short period of time. The Lexus interior is far better appointed..with all the bells and whistles. They relly have the "luxury" down to a science. The X3, on the other had, is comfortable, good looking, but a step down from the Lexus interior and extras..all for more money!! So, why the X3 over the Lexus? The name BMW still has a certain mystique to it, the build quality of BMW is unsurpassed, the handling of the BMW is far superior. The X3 is a "car guys or gals" car. There are fewer of them on the roads, which make them a bit more unique. I have grown to give up a few more of the luxury items and really appreciate the performance of the vehicle. It's a BMW thing! The cons of the X3 are the following: the navigation is not the easiest to operate, compared to Lexus; altho corrected from previous year models, the shifting between 1st and 2nd gear, especially at lower speeds is still a bit choppy and touchy. Otherwise, I have no complaints. Would I buy it again..u bet!

2009 BMW X3

Fun commuter car!

2008-08-30 11:33:29

Leased my X3 in 2006 when it came out with the Sport Package. Picked the enthusiast model with just Sport, Premium, Zenons and alas the auto trans! Wanted a 6-spd manual actually. Very impressive handling with the X-Drive all wheel drive system! Swicthed the R-rated factory tires to ZR-rated Toyo Proxes 4s to improve the handling further! Sticks to corners like glue! Enjoys driving it in the rain (a happening in So. Cal)! Very safe and secure feeling at all time driving it enthusiastically. Car have been utterly reliable and dependable! Lease matured in April '08...couldn't say goodbye to it, so I bought it back with BMW CPO warranty!

2006 BMW X3

Once you Own/lease aBMW theres no going back............if you can anyway:)

2008-08-24 21:05:19

I've had the X3 for about 6 months and I am getting used to it. It is a bit different from the 330i..........ooooooooooooooo just looking at the 330i would make my heart race. I also had the X5 and since we have a growing family out of the 3 cars family wise, the X5 or X3 is a great choice. But neither made my heart drop the way the 330i did. But hey its still a BMW and I love it!

2008 BMW X3

We just bought it

2008-08-02 12:20:27

I can say i love this truck we have it for a week omg it's great the ride is great on the highway , From now on i only buying BMW

2006 BMW X3

It's a keeper1

2008-07-19 09:42:29

This was my first luxury car and I love everything about the car and the brand. The ride and handling are something I had never really appreciated in a car before.

2007 BMW X3

I Love It!

2008-06-14 07:09:20

I just purchased a 2008 X3 last month and the ride performance and stability is outstanding. I am very pleased with this vehicle!

2008 BMW X3

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