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5.0 out of 5

Not available everywhere

Clark 2019-08-31 02:40:40

Ought to revise that to available in 49 states. Nissan dealers in Anchorage and Fairbanks, Alaska do not carry the Leaf and do not intend to in the future. In a long email exchange with the dealer rep, found them a bit condescending about EVs. Seemed pleased to note that the closest dealer that would sell me one is 2,700 road miles away and the only way to get it back here would be on a trailer. Foolish of them. The Leaf is the only model in the Nissan lineup that’s close to being a leader in its segment.

2018 Nissan LEAF

Nice improvement over first generation

10155203832858905 2018-11-30 20:27:03

Love the extra power, actually feels fast. The extra range over the first generation allows me to do 95% of my driving on one charge. I enjoyed my 2015 Leaf but the 2018 is quite an improvement. Not a car for long trips due to the thermal issues of quick charging, (you can google "rapidgate" to find lots of information). The center console is my main complaint as it hits my leg and is hard plastic. I solved the problem by putting a gel filled computer wrist support on the console and attaching it with Velcro. The car feels fairly roomy and the seats are easy to get in and out of. I opted for the "SV" model to get the fast charger port. The Nissan Connect app feature that allows you to turn on the A/C or heater remotely works well, but connecting takes a minute or two. Can even lock or unlock doors remotely thru the app. If live somewhere cold would recommend the package with seat heaters and hybrid heater. Do your research before going to the dealer, they don't seem to know much about electric cars, or maybe they just don't want to sell them.

2018 Nissan LEAF

Great Car

Harambe 2018-04-12 19:43:28

2018 Nissan LEAF

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