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500L Sage Trekking

2016-02-18 16:55:54

Wuka! My 500 loaded POP is a blast to drive around. It is a raucous little endearing beast. But, I wanted something for long drives, comfortable, quiet, yet sporty. Enter the Sage Green Trekking. I bought it for my wife. It is much more comfortable than my little 49Kmiles Peepot. Yet, Sag, with the turbo engine has passed trailers at over 120 mph! Yeah, she bang! The Navigation works fine, the seats are Comfortable, The ride is solid, although, it does feel like you are driving a minibus since you do sit some what higher. Those quarter windows take getting used to. Where there used to be a pillar, there is now a polymer window that gives a full view. When you look straight ahead, you see traffic out of the corner of your eye. Takes a little getting used to. The front seats have a lot of travel. Up, down, forward, backward. The rear seats are foldable in more ways than one and have gas pistons to assist. Anyway, gas milage is in the 30's. Can't wait for the 124 Spider.......

2016 FIAT 500L


2016-01-18 13:28:32

Love my car! Responsive, easy to drive after being shown all the special apps, extraordinarily beautiful. A car stopper in my travels!

2016 FIAT 500L

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